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Penny Pedals Fingerprint Redux!

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Welcome to Penny Pedals!



New Pedals Soon!

Hey all,

 Things have been moving along nicely at the Penny Pedals lab. There are 3 new pedals coming up in the next few weeks:

Penny Pedals Pocket Watch Overdrive:  My version of a classic overdrive. Not based on the usual overdrive platforms, the Pocket Watch offers up a wide range of dirt tones from clean boost, to full on distortion. "A.M." and "P.M." knobs let you shape the tone to your guitar, amp or personal taste. Check out the product page for more details!

 Penny Pedals GermChannel Germanium Boost: The GermChannel is a simple, one-knob boost pedal that is powered by a vintage germanium transistor. While not a 'transparent' boost, the GermChannel has a great EQ and tone that really makes your guitar jump out of a mix. Works well after a long line of pedals and loves to be last in line to sweeten up your entire tone before the amp. 

 Penny Pedals Paper Airplane Fuzz: Many years ago, I put together a simple one knob fuzz that eventually morphed into the Fingerprint. That raw, high gain simple one knob fuzz was called the Sketch fuzz. I did a small run of them later on, and people loved it so it is back with a new name. The Paper Airplane realy sounds nothing like the Fingerprint, but is an amazing high gain raw and loud fuzz that will cut through any mix. 


Video demos and audio clips are coming soon!