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Get LOW... Low fidelity with RADIO!

In the 'I'm either crazy, or a genius' department...

 I've always wanted to build this pedal.  If you think about it, there are a TON of songs that feature a gritty, nasty Lo-Fi section, usually just one instrument or vocals. It's one of the most used studio tricks in music today. 

Problem is, engineers either run the mix through a plug-in, a rack of equalizers, or feed the signal to a small near-field monitor and overdub it... some even use actual radios. There are some Lo-Fi pedals out there, but they are either fuzz pedals that get gritty (the Radio has no real distortion... but works well before and after one!) or more of a record player simulator (vibrato, compression etc.) What I wanted was a mid-1900's Bakelite Radio simulator.  Extreme low cut, some high cut, and the ability to dial in and out the resonance and the filters so that it works well with almost anything. 

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