Penny Pedals Paper Airplane Fuzz

Penny Pedals Paper Airplane Fuzz

The Paper Airplane Fuzz is a thick, nasty lead-guitar type of fuzz that works exceptionally well for leads, melody lines, and feedback drenched chords that might lack in note articulation, but are still able to cut through a mix. Works equally well before or after a buffer unlike most fuzzes, try it last in your chain for 'over the top' post effects chaos.

The Paper Airplane works exceptionally well when used to create feedback with your amp... turn it up!

Controls are simple: volume and filter. LOTS of volume on tap to drive your amp. The filter knob is post-gain, so the overall fuzz level doesn't change but it's easy to dial out any harshness if you want, or go for a smoother bassy tone. From 0 to 5, the filter acts like a standard treble cut tone control, from 5 to 10 it adds a slight bit of presence and high end. The volume knob is also post-effect so it only affects the output; the pedal cleans up really well with the guitar's volume knob.

The Paper Airplane is the son of Sketch Fuzz... the tone knob was added to the Sketch circuit, as well as extra power filtering.

 Takes a standard Boss-style 2.1mm 9 volt power supply, NO BATTERIES. 

Paper Airplane Fuzz VIDEO!!!


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