Penny Pedals Radio Deluxe Lo-Fi Filter

Penny Pedals Radio Deluxe Lo-Fi Filter

Penny Pedals 'Radio Deluxe' Low Fidelity Filter/AM radio simulator.

While yes, it's not for everyone, those who have been looking for something like this haven't had many options. Most Lo-Fi pedals I've come across have either been tweaked fuzz pedals (the Radio Deluxe has very little distortion, I'll leave that up to the rest of your board...) or more like record player sims with vibrato and compression. While those are all awesome, this is strictly to simulate an old Bakelite style Radio, transistor radio, or even a telephone. It's great to have in the studio or on your live board for that 'one song.' Heck leave it at the practice space and let your bass player use it. 

This pedal features a blend-able pre-filter section and a sweepable tone that goes from band pass, to high pass, to low pass for a huge variety of nasty, gritty AM radio type sounds that are compatible with any guitar pedal board, instrument or amp. Although most of the demo is set quieter than unity gain (how it would typically be used for intros or quieter song sections), it can get loud if you want it to.

The 'tone' knob (upper left) is a multi-function control that lets you sweep between a midrange-y bandpass, treble filled high pass, and mellow low pass filter. The middle switch is a 3 way switch that works together with the Resonance control (lower right knob) to let you get exactly the lo-fi tone you want, regardless of your instrument or effects chain. The middle position is 'off' offering all the original "Radio" tones found in the non-Deluxe pedal.In the up and down positions, a resonant midrange tone is added to the pedal (one high, one low), making the tone even more like a telephone or megaphone. The Resonance section of the pedal is VERY reactive with the other knobs, so you can dial in that just right Lo-Fi sound you've had in your head! 

The volume control (upper right), while it seems boring, has been tailored to work well from 12:00 down, as this effect will be used below unity gain as much as above. The Radio works perfectly at the end of a pedal board and plays well with buffers, so use it wherever needed!

 True Bypass switching, requires a standard 'Boss' style power adapter (not included). Sorry, no battery operation. 

Radio Lo-Fi Filter VIDEO!




Radio Deluxe... on Drums!


Radio Deluxe on VOCALS!


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