Penny Pedals Fingerprint Redux Fuzz

Penny Pedals Fingerprint Redux Fuzz

It's back, now even better!

Using inspiration from certain bands, sounds, even just random words, the Fingerprint Redux pays homage to that "wall of sound" heavy distortion. Since 2008, the Fingerprint circuit has been the go-to for many players around the world who are looking for a unique, fuzzy overdrive or hazy, dreamy fuzz tone that is nothing like the 'standard' fuzz pedals. This faithful reissue utilizes the same exact IC chips as the original (same batch), same Panasonic input capacitor, same exact values and sounds as the original, BUT with an added voltage starve knob that really opens up a whole new realm of wild tones.

The pedal has lots of available gain and volume, similar to the clear but still insanely fuzzy sounds of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc... It's a high gain pedal for those who don't want to sound like a cliche heavy metal sound, a nice blend between high gain amp-like distortion, fuzz, gated fuzz, octave fuzz, and everything in between.

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Price: $149.99
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