Penny Pedals Cherry Blossom Presence Boost

Penny Pedals Cherry Blossom Presence Boost

The Penny Pedals Cherry Blossom Presence Boost guitar pedal takes a traditional clean boost pedal and adds a presence knob to help wake up any guitar setup!

Dark amp, dull guitar, or just want a little sparkle in your tone? The Cherry Blossom is the answer. It's a straight up boost pedal with the Presence turned down, and a real tone shaping tool with the right settings for your gear getting your guitar or amp out of the shadows.

The Cherry Blossom allows you to add a "presence knob" to any amp, which helps out a ton for low volume situations that make the amp sound dull. Neck pickup too dark? Presence boost. Don't have a 'treble bleed' mod on your guitar's volume control, and want a sparkly tone but at low volume? The Cherry Blossom works well below unity gain too! With the presence knob turned down, it is also a great sounding classic clean boost pedal.

The Cherry Blossom is NOT a treble boost circuit; it is a full range FET boost with an added presence knob to help you dial in those missing high frequencies when you need it. Traditionally, treble boosters cut bass and are often dirty sounding; the Cherry Blossom is clean and keeps your low end intact while adding in the chime you've been missing.


Cherry Blossom Presence Boost Video Demo


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